Current status of BR1M in Malaysia

Br1m online stands as one of the most successful policies ever implemented by the Malaysian Government. Thousands of people have flocked to different locations where the scheme was announced so that they could claim the cash assistance scheme authorized by this initiative. The scheduled time for payment is at 9 am on weekends. People have begun to line up for this as early as 6 am. Ooi Teik Liang, chairman of the managing DaiwaHousing MCA service center has informed the public that if they were unable to withdraw their money on the day, they can also do the same on another day. He also added that the people whose applications were received could go to the service center every Monday.

Secretary of the MCA, Bukit Gelugor said that part of the production process always runs smoothly because there are enough counters to service the large amount of people gathered in front of the service center. He said that, rather than receiving cash assistance one-on-one, they can open a bank account so this amount will automatically be credited to your account.

He also added that Finance Ministry should think in terms of increasing the amount given to the people so they can lead a comfortable life despite increasing prices of commodities in the market. This echoes the demands of the general public as they also feel that the amount could be raised further so as to have a more comfortable life.

Brim Kemaskini has been trying to smooth out the online update system so people can resolve their problems easier without much travelling.

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